Are you excited by change?


Is your team ready to push boundaries and achieve more?


Would you like to have confidence and enjoy being in charge of how you sail through change?

Change is all around, everywhere you look these days change is happening and often really rapidly.
Sometimes it’s imposed on us from someone else’s actions or decisions such as a restructuring at work.  Sometimes it’s of our own doing because we want things to be different – we want more out of life

Too often change is seen as something to be afraid of or something we have no control over. Change doesn’t have to be scary or negative, it  can be exhilarating, it may bring you new horizons and opportunities. The person who has the ultimate influence over that is not your boss, it’s not your spouse or even you mother, it’s you.
It all comes down to how you handle yourselves and then how you influence others around you in a positive way.

The Changing Tack philosophy is based on five practical skills that equip you to successfully negotiate and manage change. In a nutshell they are:

  1. Set your direction
  2. Live your values
  3. Know and use your strengths
  4. Say No
  5. Keep your energy and will-do attitude high

Making yourself strong & resilient in these five areas enables  you to sail through anything – change, crisis, work related or personal – rough or calm you will succeed.

Changing Tack is as relevant for organisational change as it is for personal change.

A Changing Tack workshop will motivate your team to embrace new opportunities, extending them to new levels, opening their minds to new realities as they adopt the Changing Tack philosophy

You and your team deserve to thrive through change. The key to future success will be to fully adopt and live the Changing Tack philosophy.

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