Sally Webb ONZM:  International Coach Federation – Professional Certified Coach

CoachU Certified Graduate Faculty Member

Mentor Coach

Coach Supervisor

As a mentor coach or coach supervisor, Sally’s focus is on supporting you improve your coaching practice, achieve results and enjoy your success.

Sally is committed to inspiring excellence and enjoyment for your coaching journey. Deepening the professionalism of, and raising the standard in coaching is one of Sally’s passions.  She does this through ensuring her mentor and supervision programmes are readily available for any coach.

Sally has been providing mentor coaching for ICF credential applicants for a number of years and in  September 2012 she completed an ICF accredited Initial training Programme for Coach Supervisors.

  Mentor Coaching Coach Supervision
International Coach Federation Definition For purposes of credentialing, mentor coaching means an applicant being coached on their coaching skills rather than coaching on practice building, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of an applicants coaching skill. Coaching Supervision is the interaction that occurs when a coach periodically brings his or her coaching work experiences to a coaching supervisor in order to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the coach and his or her clients.
Purpose To reach a particular standard or demonstrate specific coaching competencies and other credentialing requirements. To generate coach insights through guided reflective enquiry that will improve the quality of his or her coaching, and hence expand coach capability and confidence.
Timing Typically associated with a specific step in the coaches development, such as gaining a credential. ICF requires 10 hours over a minimum of 3 months, 3 of which must be one-to-one mentoring. Throughout the coaches professional life, to uphold the highest professional standards.
Scope More specific Broad ranging
Role of Mentor Coach. Passing on specific coaching knowledge, skills and methodologies. Your mentor coach will: 

  • Encourage your growth
  • Listen actively
  • Provide timely advice
  • Deepen your insight in regard to your coaching knowledge and skills
  • Review your coaching in relationship to the ICFs Coaching Core Competencies
  • Assist in identifying and solving problems around your overall coaching competency
  • Give support and guidance for your ICF application and exam
  • Guide you to extending your coaching comfort zone
Coach Supervisor. Guiding the coach discover ways of being more effective, observing and highlighting patterns. Your coach supervisor will: 

  • Encourage your growth and exploration of ideas
  • Listen actively
  • Provide timely advice
  • Refine and expand your coaching knowledge, skills and practices
  • Generate insights through guided reflective practice
  • Work with you overcome any dilemma or issues you identify in your coaching
  • Guide you to extending your coaching comfort zone
Focus More focus on coaching skills and demonstrating capability. Less focus on client interaction. More focus on coaches thinking and metamodels (around their self-confidence, their self awareness, relational and contextual awareness) and its impact on clients. Strong focus on client interaction.
Qualifications Required For ICF purposes the mentor coach is required to hold an ACC, PCC, or MCC Credential. While the ICF supports specific training for Coach Supervisors they recognise there is a limited number of trained coach supervisors and have suggested the following minimum requirements. 

  • Be an ICF member which implies that the Coaching Supervisor is familiar with and abides by the ICF Ethics and Standards and
  • Not be under any sanctions from the ICF Independent Review Board for violations of ethical conduct and
  • Be an experienced, mature, preferably credentialed coach – at least 3 years FTE practice and
  • Has continued expanding exposure to and knowledge of coaching approaches beyond their original coach training
Format By Phone. Either individually or in groups of three. By Phone. Either individually or in groups of three.


“Supervision is an inquiry into practice. It is a compassionate appreciative inquiry….in supervision we rewrite the stories of our own practice. It wakes us up to what we are doing. When we are alive to what we are doing we wake up to what is, instead of falling asleep in the comfort stories of our coaching routines.”

Vital Practice, Ryan 2004

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