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Leveraging potential through the coach approachand 
Aim for Excellence

Sally W’s interactive, inspirational but practical programmes are designed to develop confident, sustainable leadership for your organisation. Sustainable leadership excellence encompasses the three intertwined areas of business, people and self leadership. These two programmes provide the opportunity to develop strong people and self leadership which impacts positively on the business leadership. Both programmes are underpinned by the leadership at all levels philosophy and are packed with solid, roll-up your sleeves practical skills for leading, motivating, managing performance and achieving excellence.

‘Leveraging potential through the coach approach’
Effective team leaders understand and use a wide range of strategies so their teams function well and achieve consistent excellence. There is no one strategy that works for all situations. The hallmark of an excellent leader is the skilled use of a variety of management approaches, and the wisdom to choose the most appropriate strategy for each situation. The coach approach is one of those essential leadership strategies.

This is comprehensive professional development focused on communication and leadership skills incorporating group learning and one-on-one coaching to embed and maximise the learning.

The learning is based on the Corporate CoachU Coaching Clinic, one of the most comprehensive coach-training opportunities available for managers.

The Coaching Clinic is owned, registered and supported by Corporate CoachU International. This model has been internationally corporate tested and refined for several years. It provides outstanding, leading edge education and coaching skill/competency development.
The Coaching Clinic has a proven track record for producing major shifts in corporate culture by raising standards and competencies. While many programmes are theoretical with a few listening and feedback skills the Coaching Clinic is much more skill-based providing managers and team leaders with a toolkit of skills they can integrate immediately.

‘Leveraging potential through the coach approach’ is available as a range of programmes and all can be customised to meet your unique requirements.

Each programme is provided by two licensed coach/facilitators to maximise each participant’s learning opportunities and to sustain dynamic presentation. Sally W has teamed up with Lesley Fraser of AlltheDifference to bring ‘Leveraging potential through the coach approach’ to organisations.

An integral part of the ‘Leveraging potential through the coach approach’ programmes is the one-on-one telephone coaching sessions which embed the knowledge, skills and processes of the learning. This follow-up is fundamental to the development of participants’ skills and confidence in implementing the coach approach. Learning is deepened, experiences are shared and skills are further practised.

‘Leveraging potential through the coach approach’ participants consistently highlight that the post event coaching significantly assisted them to better implement the new coaching knowledge and skills.

The following organisations have benefited from the Leveraging potential through the coach approach programme:

  • Bay of Plenty District Health Board
  • Ministry of Education
  • Environment Bay of Plenty
  • Whakatane District Council
  • Hertz Rental
  • Quay Accountants
  • Horizon Energy
  • The Pinnacle Group
  • ArborGen NZ
  • Lakes District Health Board
  • Huria Management Trust
  • Inland Revenue
  • New World, Whakatane
  • Mount Maunganui College
  • Little Orchard Pre-School
  • Nelson Marlborough District Health Board

“The ‘Leveraging potential through the coach approach’ programme has given me one of the simplest yet most powerful tools I have gained in my career. This has been one of the best learning experiences I have had – just one of those ‘aha’ moments! This is not one of those techniques that you learn about and put away. It offers the practicality to use in a wide range of situations. It is leadership in action, creating sustainable results through engaged staff. This is also not ‘soft stuff’ – it is a practical, focused and usable way forward.
Lesley and Sally are experienced, engaging facilitators who have a solid background and understanding of the realities of running complex organisations. Although I think this programme would be useful for all levels of leaders in the organisation, I believe it has particular application to senior managers, empowering them to utilise their experience and creativity to grow in their leadership and grow their teams.”

Dorothy Gilliland
Allied Health leader
Bay of Plenty DHB

“As a participant in the recent ‘Leveraging potential through the coach approach’ programme, held in Eastern Bay of Plenty, I am happy to endorse the benefits I have gained personally, professionally and for my organisation. The two day coaching clinic was well organised, well paced to suit learning at different levels and filled with very usable ‘tools’ for all relationship;, business and personal. The follow-up coaching was invaluable for me to experience this from another perspective, and helped me to realise the growth and learning potential with staff using the coaching methods.

I have used the coaching techniques since I first attended the clinic and have found the managers I work with are more involved in both process and commitment to the business. The level of communication and the movement from a previously ‘fixed’ position is evident within the managers I have responsibility for.

I believe the net benefit to a large organisation looking at implementing the ‘Leveraging potential through the coach approach’ programme at a senior level will be a more cohesive and communicative lead team. The techniques learnt certainly increase the responsiveness within team relationships and dynamics.

Facilitation via a team approach creates more energy and taps into the varied experiences of each person. Sally and Lesley had a complimentary set of skills which made the learning easy!
Should the reader require any further endorsement of this excellent programme, please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

Rosemary Sloman
Store Operations Manager
New World, Whakatane

Case study
Leveraging potential through the coach approach has been used by two District Health Board to further their partnership relationships between DHB Management, the NZ Nurses Organisation, and the Public Service Association. Download the Case study from the partnership process in Bay of Plenty District Health Board

Aim for Excellence
Aim for Excellence is a leadership programme that generates management team action promoting strong inter-connective leadership. The focus is on challenging and stretching both the individual and team to facilitate continual expanding and renewing of current mental models.
“We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”Einstein
The program focuses on cohesive team and individual action to provide forward direction.Teamwork doesn’t happen automatically. What stops it are issues like lack of commitment, lack of time,  the left hand not know what the right hand is doing and misunderstandings that get blown out of proportion.  Aim for Excellence gives your team the time and space to identify what excellence is for them then learn how to build camaraderie, communication and coordination that will stand them in good stead under stressful conditions.

High self leadership performance underpins sustainable leadership excellence; however it is often forgotten, missed out or brushed over in the hustle of today’s work environment. Aim for Excellence is an ideal opportunity for teams to action their own self leadership development pathway.

The programme consists of practical, interactive workshops tailored to meet your organisations time and requirements that enables participants to:

• Explore new skills
• Share their experiences and strengths
• Identify the personal shifts required to utilise the skill successfully
• Identify barriers to implementing the new skill and strategies to overcome them
• Develop individual action plans
• Agree a buddy system to assist embed the learning

The knowledge and skill development covered is dependent on each organisation’s most pressing requirements and will include some or all of the following:

• Self motivation
• Being proactive
• Developing “will do” attitude
• Understanding the personal paradigm shifts to be a successful leader/manager
• Self organisation/Time management
• Understanding management styles and how to grow and/or flex your personal style
• Recognising strengths in others
• Empowering staff to act
• Delegation skills
• Communication skills/ feedback
• Understanding communication styles
• Motivating people
• Strive for win/win.

“The training was the best we had as a team together. I had a big “ah-ha” moment… when I looked at the different management styles and how I could flex my style to be more effective.”
Participant, Southern Cross Hospital Christchurch

This gave us a great opportunity to spend time together and understand each other more. The peer coaching in between had really helped develop our relationships and built a much stronger management team.
Participant, Southern Cross Hospital Christchurch

The following organisations have benefited from Aim for Excellence
Southern Cross Hospital Christchurch
Southern Cross Hospital Wellington