Sally Webb: Coach, Speaker and Facilitator

Are you ready for excellence and enjoyment?

Would you like to create more time, have more confidence, streamline your working day and feel more in control?

Would you like to create more of the success you want?

Sally specialises in supporting individuals and organisations to:

  • Develop that ‘will-do‘ attitude
  • Achieve their excellence: be the best they can right now and
  • Enjoy the success they create

The 21st century Leadership Challenge

Modern leadership is tough. You can struggle to keep up, hide from it, or you can strive for excellence.

The choice is yours.

So what are the barriers to leadership excellence? Typically they come down to a combination of:

  • Shifting priorities
  • No clear goals, lack of focus
  • Interruptions
  • Staying in the comfort zone
  • Lack of planning time to prioritise before you act
  • Inability to say “no”
  • Not knowing what and how to progress first
  • Ineffective communication and delegation
  • Lack of reflection time to evaluate and refocus

These barriers are not minor. There is a limited amount of time in each day and these drain valuable time, energy and enjoyment from your day.

However, there is a solution – coaching will inspire, motivate and support you to overcome your barriers.

Top performers in every field have a coach. Coaching is a partnership that ensures you achieve sustainable leadership excellence through clarifying and then actioning the success you want in your professional and personal life.

Sally guarantees that coaching will equip you to:

  • Define what success means for you
  • Work out how to achieve your success
  • Formulate solutions to challenges
  • Streamline your work
  • Take action now
  • Grow that ‘will-do‘ attitude
  • Have the energy to act, and then
  • Enjoy and celebrate the excellence you create

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